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Corrosion and Chlorine Service White Paper

After a review of CI member incidents, the HESS Issue Team found that corrosion was a factor in a considerable number of chlorine releases.  HESS then formed the Corrosion Task Group in 2017, whose purpose was to evaluate the need for additional information in pamphlets to prevent chlorine releases due to corrosion. 

This white paper developed by the Task Group is the unified basis for what is being recommended to include in pamphlets to address general corrosion and corrosion under insulation (CUI).  This paper and the recommendations are only meant as a starting point of a program that will address corrosion and CUI.  It is up to individual members to develop thorough and comprehensive paint and insulation specifications, installation procedures, inspection programs and maintenance programs to properly protect their plants against incidents that could arise due to corrosion.

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