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Pamphlet 10) North American Chlor-Alkali Industry Plants and Production Data Report- 2018 data - December 2019

Lists location of chlor-alkali plants, chlorine packaging facilities, and sodium hypochlorite production facilities with types of cells and shipping containers loaded at each location. A table added in 2001 lists Sodium Hypochlorite Production facilities in North America. Includes annual data on chlorine capacity, production and shipments in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, some by geographical distribution. Updated annually.

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(19 pages)
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INDEX Chronological Index of Proceedings for Chlor - Alkali Plant Operations & Safety Seminars (1957-2006) and Health, Environment, Safety and Security Seminars (2007-Present)

Lists titles of all papers and authors for seminars from 1957 onward.

(47 pages)

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CCPSR) Monthly U.S. Chlorine & Caustic Production Statistics Report

Annual Subscription

CI offers a monthly report on industry production capacity for chlorine, and the quantity of chlorine actually produced, liquefied and shipped for each month. It also includes production data for sodium hydroxide. It does NOT contain any pricing or inventory data. CI issues each month's report before the end of the following month.

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  1. The monthly report is available in an electronic format only. Download the initial report and subsequent reports will be sent via email. 
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